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The Wolf and the Jackal
11/26/2021 11:26 in Articles

In the USA, ONLY the Senate could impeach a Supreme Court Judge if found guilty by an Independent Grand Jury; in Nigeria, a president could remove a judge on a whim! 


In the US, the president may nominate the Attorney General but the Attorney General is ONLY answerable to the Constitution and no one else. In Nigeria, the Attorney General is the personal attack dog of the president! 


In the US, the states created the country and give powers to the centre. In Nigeria, the country was created by the UK, the centre later defeated the regions and broke them into vassal states! 


In the US, there is the absolute delineation of powers; there are municipal laws, state laws and federal laws. The federal government does NOT have powers over the state laws and no jurisdiction whatsoever! In Nigeria, the federal government makes the laws and only allows the state some inconsequential powers. 


In the USA, the states generate funds and contribute to the center. In Nigeria, the federal government controls all aspects of existence; takes all the resources of the states and gives them just a few crumbs they kill themselves over. 


There are no federal allocations in the US to the states; states may apply for federally assisted programs. In Nigeria, the federal government allocates to all states and economically controls the states. 


In the US, there are 17,000 INDEPENDENT Police Departments with INDEPENDENT existence including the FBI. The FBI has ZERO control on laws of the states and the municipalities. In Nigeria, there's a single Police Department to oversee all aspects of law enforcement from the federal to our bedrooms! 


In the US, each state is allowed to have a Militia. The militia is effectively a battalion of the US Army. In Nigeria, well...don't even think of it! 


There's a Balance of Powers between the States and the Federal Government in the USA. In Nigeria, the states exist in mortal fear of the Federal Government and have zero say in their own lives. 


In the US, the federal government does NOT conduct ANY elections including the presidential elections. Elections are controlled at the city level including the presidential elections. In Nigeria, the federal government employs a certain INEC to conduct elections up to your kitchen and deny you of the right or the freedom to elect your own immediate leaders. 


In the US, the cities and counties (LGs) control the international Airports; the federal government in Washington only sends Border Control (Immigration) and FAA officials as federal staff to those airports; the city Council or County is in charge of the international airports. In Nigeria, ONLY the federal government could control an airport. 


In the US, the seaports are controlled by the State Governments with Washington only providing customs, Coast Guards and Border Control. In Nigeria, the federal government decides all. 


In the US, railways are city affairs or at best, private, with federal regulations. In Nigeria, it's the federal government still controls everything using an ancient Railway Act of 1954!!! 


In the US, military men are legally disallowed from parading the streets in military fatigues or bearing arms in civilian spaces. In Nigeria, the military is still in charge and could beat you to death at any time on the flimsiest of excuses. 


In the US, all citizens are legally allowed to bear arms and self defense is sacred. In Nigeria, even bearing Dane guns to hunt antelopes could land you in prison. And to defend yourself against terrorists like the Fulani Herdsmen is Treason! 


In the USA, every village, town or city has her own governance structure called the City Council; these City Councils are in full control of the development, legal, security and judicial system of their cities with ZERO influences from the state or federal governments. In Nigeria, even the most remote villages are controlled from Abuja and their leaders prevented from developing their cities by Abuja! 


In the US, most states (especially in the Southern parts) ELECT their judges. In Nigeria, the president and governors appoint their cronies as judges. 


In the US, the Bar Association, and indeed all other professional bodies are self ruling and not related to the government in any way. In Nigeria, laws were created not only to create professional bodies but to subsume them under the government! 


In the US, resources as oil, gold and other minerals are privately owned by individuals and firms while paying extractive taxes. In Nigeria, all minerals belong to the federal government! 


In the US, the elected officials are in mortal fear of the electorate. In Nigeria, the electorate are constitutionally enslaved to the government and live in utter fear of the government. 


In the USA, the president is just a coordinator; an elected Civil Servant. In Nigeria, the president is a god!


In the US, the president pays for his meals even in the White House. In Nigeria, the country feeds the president, his family and friends with tens of millions of dollars just so he could oppress us! 


In the US, there are no Sports Ministries. The Nigerian government is so paranoid that even sports are controlled by the government, pulling huge budgets with dubious value added! 


In the US, housing is the prerogative of the City Councils. In Nigeria, there's a silly ministry called the Federal Ministry of Housing that has gobbled-up trillions while building a whole lot of nothing! 


In the US, the government does not own schools and institutions; this encourages free thinking,innovation and academic independence. In Nigeria, most schools and institutions are owned by the government at all levels; the academic sector invariably are made to think as the government desires. 


In the US, the people control the government. In Nigeria, the government controls the people..starves some, locks up some, kills some while the rest cower in utter terror! 


Some persons claim that the 1999 Constitution was fashioned after the US Constitution. Please, from the above, do both countries even share similarities in the least? 


The USA with her strong Constitution of the People is the Land of Freedom. Nigeria, with her fraudulent Constitution is a basket case and a colossal disgrace to mankind! 


#destroyThe1999Constitution NOW! Quit validating that abomination! We want our #autonomousRegions or may we split and go our different ways already! 




(First published 20th November, 2019)

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