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The Cost of HYPOCRISY - My Creed (1) By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM) ,
10/11/2021 06:47 in Articles

When Prince Chilaka, Aina Ayodele and numerous others that I couldn’t mention their names because of space, reviewed my last week’s article on NORTHERN ELDERS IN A NAKED DANCING DIRGE with lengthy submissions, I was amazed at their salient expository observations. 


As usual, I got some banters, and my inbox started flooding with commendations, abuses and tribalised sentimental comments. I wasn’t perturbed because I am used to the diverse boundaries of the good, the bad and the ugly. 


I have decided to take my time to look at everyone’s comment, and explosively, try to prove my innocence(smiles). 


Meanwhile, let me use this week to make certain clarifications about the REAL ME. 


My Creed: 


“The beauty of our Divine Diverse Nature (DDN) is the uniqueness in our varying individual’s perception, ideology, principle, value, culture, tradition, tongue and persuasive belief.” – DSM. 


Frankly speaking, I owe no one any apology for what I believe in and champion as a process of my unique divine purpose and calling. In the same vein, I bear no grudge against any one who criticise my views even at the points of threatening my life. 


The truth about me is that I hate diplomacy because it’s a painted lie.


I hate pretence because it’s a hypothetical lie. 


I hate HYPOCRISY because it has a way of conquering a principled conscience that invariably breeds an abomination to the absolutism of PURITY and TRUTH. 


“The ugly script in our earthly existence is for anyone to live and die without any divine purpose pursuit that’s built on conviction, faith, hope and truth. It’s like eating FUFU without OHA soup, TUWO without SHINKAFA or AMALA without EWEDU.” – DSM. 


In this premise, I have a vow with God Almighty and mankind to live and die in pursuit of TRUTH. 


Everyone matters in my relationships, because sometimes, great revelations are embedded in situations not clearly understood by everyone. 


In some thick forests, battered environments and surroundings, beautiful mansions, expressways, railways, airports and Disney resorts are sited. 


For every spoken word, however nonsensical nuisance, wisdom can be tracked. 


This is My Life, a life that believes that we all have our different dimensions and tracks as we journey through the best and ugly reports of our world’s journeying processes. 


I have a vow to live only to please God Almighty in obedience to His divine inspirations and proceeding words, graciously engraved in the annals of TRUTH. 


I live not because I am a saint, but because of God’s amazing grace. I am God’s amazing testimony right from my childhood. I am constantly tapping into His amazing grace to ask for His enduring forgiveness and mercies at all my shortcomings. Both the ones I knew, those I don’t know and even the ones in the future. 


My books and articles are not motivated to defame, derogate or even please any person, family, community, state, country, but they’re borne out of divine inspirations, and equally out of a patriotic zeal of a soul crying uncontrollably for a decent society where lives are sacred, and where JUSTICE is served with absolute merit irrespective of tribal, religious, personal locations and other beliefs. 


Sincerely, I appreciate all criticisms, and please don’t be offended as I equally plead that you bear with me on my own critical views about issues that I felt needed to be fixed amicably and in our mutual coexistence aura. 


From next week, we will dig deeper into the menu course of THE COST OF HYPOCRISY in Nigeria context. 


I felt that I should use this week to expose myself on who I am, and maybe, we should have a clearer answer on the best way that we should appreciate and respect each other’s diverse boundaries and shortcomings with sincere love, respect and happiness. 


We need each other, and just as I stated earlier, the good, the bad and ugly uniqueness in our diverse nature are all for our knowledge and experience lesson notes. And of course, we should  understand the importance of our lesson notes when the true examinations of our innate knowledge and experiences are to be tested. 


No one is borne to be a slave to another, that was never the original perfected intent of God Almighty. Mankind created it. 


If we must fight this mankind absurdity, TRUTH must be our TOGA of existence. 


Remember, I come in peace, but next week will be explosive. 


I love you all and may God Almighty activate our hindsights in order to pursue the real reason why we are referred as HUMAN BEINGS and not BEASTS. May we equally have a full understanding that life without a purpose is a waste of God’s Sovereign purpose for Mankind’s creation. 


We should not forget that a greedy lifestyle is equally a mental deformity, and hence, we have not come to terms with our temporal makeshift earthly voyage and the vanity fairytale of our self-deceits. 


God bless you, Amen. 


Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM), is an Author, Resource Personality, Management Consultant/ Trainer, Chartered/Certified – Auditor/Accountant, Financial Compliance Expert, Economic/Political Analyst Strategist, Marine Expert and Motivationist)

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