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On The Duties of a Judge - JUSTICE ANTHONY NNAEMEZIE ANIAGOLU, (1922 -2011.
10/05/2021 20:47 in Articles

On The Duties of a Judge


“A judge on the bench represents the Almighty GOD or he is supposed to represent the Almighty GOD. 


HE is supposed to adjudicate truthfully, fairly and honestly. 


He is supposed to do exactly what GOD would have done had HE come down from heaven to sit on that bench. 


The judge therefore cannot do what GOD would not have done had HE come down from heaven to sit on the bench. 


Therefore, you cannot be biased in your judgement. 


Two, you must study your case thoroughly and make sure that you’re handing down justice to everybody. 


Thirdly, you must not take [a] bribe of any kind. 


In fact, the word ‘bribe’ should not be mentioned around you. 


You must never be prejudiced against anybody in the discharge of your duties. 


You must work hard to understand the case you are doing and understand it thoroughly because you cannot give justice unless you understand the case. 


You must never enrich yourself from the job you are doing. 


These are things GOD would do if HE was sitting on the bench Himself. 


But if you are not doing these things, you are not representing GOD. 


And people who put you there, seeing that you are doing what you are not supposed to do, should immediately take action and have you removed. . . . I would say the quality of those who are made to become magistrates, judges and so on must be well scrutinised to know the calibre of people to put on the bench. 


I am very sorry to hear that certain things are taking place nowadays [in the judiciary]. 


But GOD is not asleep. 


GOD understands all those things.”

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