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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike - Economic Restructuring.
09/13/2021 07:33 in Articles

With Wike, Economic Restructuring will happen. FIRS is fighting a lost cause. They will try to amend the 1999 Constitution. They will try to stop Lagos & Rivers Government at Tanko’s Supreme Court. But they will fail. Kano must work to chop. The injustices in Nigeria is too much.


With Wike’s economic restructuring, you can keep your PIA & 30% Frontier Exploration. My SS Revenue stays with me for my sustenance & progress. You can keep GEJ & all the angels & saints


Like Texas & California, Rivers & Lagos can begin to expand. DemoCrazy will be relegated


Go to Aminu Kano Airport, you’ll find all the Zamfara Gold & Gold mined throughout Northern Nigeria being shipped to Dubai. The Gold in the North is for the North, but my SS Oil Revenue is for Kano & Zamfara


Wike is the indabooski. Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop must stop.


Wike must fight the definition of frontier Exploration & ownership of Oil wells scattered throughout my Niger Delta. With Economic Restructuring, you can explore your Kaduna & Kano dry seaports, but don’t encroach on Oil Wells in my region. Ownership of my Oil must be indigenised


“You don’t bully a state like us. FIRS should be very careful. I have the political will to do a lot of things. If they continue to bully us, I will take all their offices in the state.”


FIRS should take Kola nuts & dry gin to the Rivers Government House & pour libation. Appease the gods.


Lagos & Rivers have begun VAT Collection, while FIRS, FG, & some Northern States kick. Most of you don’t understand the significance of this act of open defiance by Wike & Sanwo-olu. Things are about to change gear.✅ Riding on that court ruling, “Economic Restructuring” is here.


With Wike’s Economic Restructuring, Northern governors will be forced to end the Terrorism Industry of Boko Haram, ISWAP, ISIS, & Banditry.


Zamfara & Niger State governors in particular, will be forced to sit in their respective states & grow their IGR. No more running to Abuja.


You take my oil a 100%, you give back just 13% & expect me to be grateful? You take your Zamfara Gold a 100% & give me nothing


I need my Oil Revenue a 100%. I will decide if Nigeria is worthy to receive any percentage. That is justice. It is fairness. Wike is only the messenger. 


We are grateful to Kano’s Hisbah for accelerating the VAT Crusade. If they didn’t destroy alcohols from Southern businesses & receiving VAT doing so, Wike won’t be forced to act.


Now those who want to finance terrorism & banditry can do so from their pockets. Free lunch is over.


Wike’s audacity is what gets me. He earned the right to brag about his achievements.


Shell, Total, Agip, Saipem, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger & Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout’s VAT alone, could do more than just create jobs in Rivers. There’ll be no FAAC or FIRS without the states.


Hisbah can now begin to generate IGR for Kano. Sheikh Gumi can now begin to generate his own IGR for his boys.


Southerners VAT & Rivers IGR won’t be used to finance Terrorism & laziness no more. Wike’s act of open defiance have entered the history books. A man with nine balls.


In 6yrs, all Nigeria did was talk about Cow, RUGA, Miyetti Allah, Bandits, Herdsmen, Open Grazing Route & Reserve. Buhari introduced an aberration never seen before. He kept Nigerians busy with discussions that didn’t improve lives. I wish Wike started this VAT debate since 2015. Nefertiti 


I am glad Southern Nigerians are angry that we get only a portion of VAT we generate.


Now imagine Niger Deltans getting only 13% of what we produce..


Imagine for the past ten years getting insulted by Nigerians asking what you did with the 13%.. exactly


It's gets better..


Imagine Nigeria telling you your host communities deserve only 3%, while 30% NNPC profit is allocated for stealing? .. Imagine.


Our Governors should do more with FAAC allocation, but you can't steal from me and demand accountability..


Your interest as a Nigerian is fighting for every VAT earned in your state to go to your state.


This is not the time for " best in English " useful Idiocracy.


Get the achievable first, the FG will have no other option but to " negotiate"..


Secondly, don't forget the FG has no constitutional backing to get VAT.


This matter transcends Partisan Politics and is the interest of every Nigerian, North & South.


Also, it's brings governance closer to home, meaning accountability, shut up and support.


Restructuring is a process, and that how it would go till we find ourselves in a fair confederation


Wike is singlehandedly fighting for Economic restructuring. If only most Southern states will follow his footstep, believe me, we will make progress. Monkey can't be working while baboon dey chop. The moment States start feeding on what they generate, some states will go extinct.


You blocked transport of food items from North to South, we also will block "transport" of VAT from South to North.


It's part of the restructuring package.


Help me remind FIRS and Northern governors that they need 2/3 (i.e. 24) of 36 states to amend 1999 constitution.


VAT collection in states is here to stay. Proposing a bill to strip states of VAT collection power is born dead.

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