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Why I said President Buhari is dead – former British MP Eric Joyce
09/12/2021 18:03 in News

Eric Joyce, a former British MP, has provided evidence as to why he believes President Muhammadu Buhari is dead.


In some of his Twitter messages, he hinted that the president, who was in the UK for medical care, had died. Since they move away from Nigeria.


He wrote via @ericjoyce, his Twitter team: “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was first seen by people other than his staff in early May.” According to his staff, he handed over “coordination powers” ​​to his vice president and went to London for treatment.


“Shortly before that, he had been back in London for about two months and was apparently receiving treatment there.” Now his staff say he will return to Niger soon, but may return to London soon for further treatment. “For three weeks, the presidency has not proved that Mr Buhari is still with us.” There were no details about Mr Buhari’s condition at all.


“Apparently historical photographs showing Mr Buhari appearing to be in good health have been leaked to the Nigerian media.” Some Nigerian shops have offered nonsensical quotes from London’s High Commission for “Internal Affairs” claiming that Mr Buhari is recovering.


“Nigeria is an active, growing and growing democracy; the transition of power between Mr Buhari and his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan was exemplary – it was truly historic for the whole of Africa.” officials should inform the public about the president’s health status, and if he does not appear to continue in office, power should be formally transferred to the vice president.


“The current situation shows that nothing has changed in Nigeria and that is not really true. Everything has changed and democracy in Nigeria is even better in this regard.” There is now a controversial policy – but it will reduce both directions, and the CPT can no longer resort to the “old methods” that the party has used to surrender to the past. “


There are few alternatives to the current scenario. Mr. Buhari will recover first and continue his role.” If so, why not introduce yourself to your people in front of the camera? Second.”However, apparently no death certificate was issued.”


Third, officials allow Mr. Bukhari to create the impression that he may have been as weak but alive as he was a month ago. “This, in turn, could give the heir more time to manage if and if he does so with less confidence than reports of his death.”


Finally, Mr Buhari may not be able to continue his role. The real death in this context is the academic role of the president. Cars can provide a protected appearance, although there is no real life and of course there is no rule. “Right now, there seems to be a vague mix of the last two possible options. In other words, officials and those who know them are working behind the scenes to create a successor.” That may make sense from an administrative point of view, but it not deeply democratic. “


At the heart of Nigeria’s complex electoral system, the president and administration must ensure that the Nigerian people openly elect an acting and representative government.” This is the opposite of what it seems now. Of course, unfortunately, it seems that this is the second time a northern Muslim has been replaced by his southern Christian vice president. But this is democracy. “Maybe Nigerian democracy will survive. And new crises.


It is true that foreign countries are more interested in the stability of the north and the continuation of Nigeria as a state than in the existence of democracy.”


Finally, Nigerians must choose whether they want democracy to remain. One recent clear criterion is that you have the right to know that your president is still alive; and if so, it may still rule. “

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